We like our clients to know what investments they own, and why they own them

We hope that our ongoing research, due-diligence, attention to detail and tremendous legwork translates into investment success, achievement of financial goals and long-lasting client relationships. In addition to our ongoing money-management skills, we provide:

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Monthly Custodial Statements

Monthly statements are available from industry-leading custodians. Of course you are able to access your account information on line anytime.

Quarterly Portfolio Reports, Analysis and Commentary

Our proprietary reporting includes detailed information such as account composition, asset allocation, income and yield information, quarterly activity, performance, gains and loss reports and a detailed billing statement.

Regular Client Investment Meetings and Reviews

We regularly meet with you to review investment results, portfolio structure and to make modifications based on life event changes.

Beyond The Numbers Emails

A consistent email dialogue provides you with insights on timely market events and our investment management approach.

Regulatory Information

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